Raritan Engineering Company Inc. offers excellent service approach to its clients. The company provides the best marine products on the market today. The growth of the marine product industry relies on the service of the company. Quality and reliable service is always the focus of Raritan. Today, it’s proud to introduce its growing influence on the marine industry.

Raritan Engineering Company hit the shores in 1958. Raritan produced the first manual marine toilets originally introduced as the PH developed for the U.S. Navy and fully made from bronze with the exception of the china bowl. For years, the pursuit of innovation proves to be a turning point in the company’s success. The Electrochemical Chlorinator waste treatment system was the start of more products to come. Raritan exceeds its customer’s expectations by offering Raritan marine products and product improvements. But, these products continue to dominate the marine waters.

Now, people have a broad selection of marine products largely but not exclusively designed for all their sanitation needs. Each of these has the highest quality backed by unmatched personal customer service. Toilets are either manual or electric. People have the option to use fresh or raw water and in some models both can be used in the same application. Customers have high regard for the Waste Treatment Systems and more.  The Holding Tank solutions, and Composite marine fittings offer satisfaction and comfort to all clients.

The durable quality of the macerating Pump keeps boats free of waste. Innovative design makes working on the pump simple. End users can be sure that the product is as reliable as the rest of Raritan marine products line. The company sees to it that all parts of the pump and other products are top quality. It’s also worthy to mention the idea’s that Raritan gets from its customers are often transformed to the best marine products.

Raritan Engineering Company, Inc. provides its clients with better and reliable products on board. It gives importance to the needs of their clients. The company focuses not only on the satisfaction of the clients It also values the effectiveness of their products. It tests its products before introduction to the market. Also, customers can be sure that each product passes marine standards.

One example of the quality product it has is the SeaEra macerating Toilet. Customers and clients would be happy to know the biggest complaint from distributors is that nobody orders replacement parts more than 5 years after installation. The parts are effective and prove to give benefits to the users. For new customers, they have a chance to choose the best products that are right for their boat. Raritan assures that each product would be beneficial in marine use.

Raritan is also proud to tell that they meet the deadline of its clients. The company aims to deliver its orders within 48 hours. Hence, customers have a guarantee to receive the product right away.  The company proves that with excellent service comes satisfaction for clients. They also have stock repair kits and parts for current and even some retired products.

About Raritan Engineering Company:

Since 1958, the Raritan Engineering Company offers quality marine products to clients. It services a wide range of marine products such as toilets and macerator pumps. It assures that its products are reliable and of good quality. The company focuses on the satisfaction of the clients all the time. So, assures excellent service all the time.  

For more information, you could visit this website raritaneng.com or call Kim Carrell through these number: 856-825-4900.


About Raritan Engineering Company

Raritan Engineering Company, Inc. was founded in 1958 on the basis of the Patent for the PH Marine Toilet. Its successor, the PHII is still manufactured by Raritan. The Crown Head, the world’s first macerating Marine Toilet followed in 1966.…

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