A new nightclub and live music venue opened in Kingswood, Bristol on August 11, 2018.  MJ’s Live Music Venue is the latest addition to Kingswood’s, bustling nightlife scene.

Kingswood is a small town located on the eastern border of Bristol City. This is a beautiful town with lots of fantastic scenery. It has a bustling nightlife, with so many restaurants and other establishments. This city has a low crime rate, and this is one of the reasons why Joey Davies and his team decided to open a music venue in this place.

The newest venue will give party goers a fresh and exceptional club experience.  They promise to champion Kingswood thriving music community and offer a platform for all the right things that go on in the neighbourhood.

The New Nightclub in Bristol and Live Music Venue will host a weekly program of live music during Friday and Saturday all through the year.  The club offers excellent facilities and atmosphere, a full bar service, quality tribute talent and a whole lot more.

MJ’s Live Music Venue is ideal for partygoers aged 25 years and above. This is a perfect place to unwind, spend quality time with a circle of friends, and get rid of the stress of work. Experience the hospitality of the staff and the very welcoming atmosphere. Dance the night away to the best sounds the venue provides.

MJ’s Live Music Venue Bristol will give everyone a night to remember. They offer the best drinks in town for a very reasonable price. The environment is very welcoming, safe and very comfortable as well.  With their top mobile system and professional in-house sound engineers, partying at MJ’s Live Music Venue is an evening to remember.

The latest live music Kingswood venue will also feature a wide and large stage, a bar with backstage and changing rooms. What is more, they also offer ample parking. From their opening, there’ll be artists playing there, from pop, rock and Motown to top-drawer tributes bands and they may also, in time, feature local acts as well.

Joe Davies and his team have been preparing this venue for many months. “It’s taken a bit longer than what we expected and this is because we want to give you only the best. We have been working so hard to get a larger and better music venue in Kingswood and I’m so happy that it is finally happening. I can’t wait to open the door and let everybody in to take a look. It is a venue for all genres”, says Joe Davies.

MJ’s Live Music Venue is also asking everyone what live entertainment Kingswood Bristol they would want to see at the venue. MJ’s is looking forward to getting feedback from party goers so they can make the place the best nightspot in Kingswood and beyond.

About MJ’s Live Music Venue:

MJ’s Live Music Venue is one of the best places to celebrate in the Kingswood area This is a perfect place to come in, relax and chill to fantastic sounds. The ambiance is amazing, the staff is very hospitable and welcoming, and the drink range is superb.

For more information about MJ’s Live Music Venue, please feel free to visit their website at www.mjsbristol.co.uk or call the customer hotline number at 0117 961 6767.


About MJ’s Live Music Venue

Welcome to MJ’s Live Music Venue, we opened on the 11th August 2018. We’re aiming to bring great live music to Kingswood. as well as live music you can dance the night away with your favourite sounds, great location and…

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